If you’re not into ponies, we might not be for you.

Not everyone is a good fit for our Behave Boldly Bootcamp™ and we take pride in only accepting clients that we feel will get the most out of our programs. We know that you’re a rockstar, so you don’t need someone to teach you things that you can learn on your own with a quick search. You need help doing the things that need to be done, because you already get that blending bold behaviour with awesome branding helps with:

  • Impressing your existing clients

  • Growing your reputation

  • Getting more of the right attention

  • Making money through increased sales

  • Building confidence to do bigger things

Seriously, it’s the worst when you invest in something that doesn’t give you the results you need, which is why we created eight specific brand-building modules to ensure that you only get what you need without wasting time on things you don’t. None of us have extra time. And we aren’t going to make you sift through tons crap to find the things you need.

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You don’t have to stay stuck where you are.

Rev up your brand image with some serious tweaks.

If you don’t make time to build it, you won’t be able to sell it.

Get into the routine of growing your own reputation.

Forget that lose-lose game of trying to motivate yourself.


Behaving Boldly is the name of the game

Learn tips and tricks on how to stick your neck out from seasoned creative Elise Russell and her sidekick, Pony.

Elise is known for her attention to detail and is the self-proclaimed branding police. If you’re worried about her ability to behave boldly, remember she regularly carries around a large cutout of a sitting horse.